Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIY - Jeans Collar Button down shirt with Look-A-Like braces..

Hello Everyone!
I've been fantasizing about this DIY for a very long time..
So lets not waste time and get to it.

In order to make this DIY you'll need:
- A White collared button down shirt.
- A Black satin ribbon.
- A small piece of Jeans/Denim fabric.

Step One:
Unpick the collar (without the collar "leg")
 Just like that.
 Use the old collar to cut a new one from the denim fabric.
Sew the collar from the wrong side of the fabric.
Turn over the collar, and iron it.
Attach the collar to the shirt.
After sewing the new collar, make a decorative stitch.
Step Two:
Mark the front side of the shirt, where you want the braces to be.
(i took 9cm from the buttons).
Mark the back side as well.
Put a safety pin at the edge, and start sewing the black ribbon.
Sew the back as well.
Iron over the "braces" and the whole shirt.
Done and Done!! :)

A big thank you to Dror Geva for sewing!

So, how do you like my new Look-A-Like braces shirt?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY - Leather patched black jeans

Hey all,

This DIY was sewn by the great Dror Geva.

In order to make this DIY you'll need:

- A pair of black jeans.
- Leather.
- Two Zippers.

Step One:
 6 leather pieces of 2cm * half knee width

 2 YKK zippers 16cm

 2 leather pieces of 5cm * 17cm

Cut both pieces in the middle (1cm)

 Mark the center of the knee from both sides

Also mark 4cm up and 4cm down, and unpick the side seam
Take one piece of the leather stripes, locate it on the mark, and sew all around
Keep sewing the rest of the leather stripes on the jeans

One side is finished, now start the other side

Sew the side seam

It should look like this when step One is finished.
Step Two:
Unpick the hem (if you need to make the jeans shorter) and the side seam
 Sew the hem

Attach and sew the Zipper

Sew the leather piece on top of the zipper

Just like that

That's it!

Bon Appetit!!

Rocking the studded Jacket!

This was taken just before we finished the work on the jacket.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY - Colored and studded jacket!

So, i decided to transform a white jacket that i bought at H&M in the end of season sale.
A good friend of mine named Dror Geva, helped me to create this.

What you need is:

 - A white Jacket.
- A Fabric color powder.
- Spray glue.
- Studs.
- Studded Buttons.

Dye the White jacket to any color you wish (i chose electric Blue),
Fill a big can with hot water, 10 spoons of Salt, one cup of Vinegar and the fabric color powder.
Mix them all together, Put the Jacket inside for at least 20 minutes and give it a spine every ones in a while.
After doing all that, wash the jacket with cold water, let most of the color out, and put it on a hanger to dry.
Take the dry jacket and give it a good ironing (on a doll, if you have).
Ones you finish that, take the jacket open the lapel and mark (with chalk) where the lapel is folding.
Take the studs and put them on the marked lapel, cut the studs by the mark.
Spray glue on the back side of the studs, and place them on the lapel (carefully!), repeat this on the other side as well.
Sew carefully over the studs (use a plastic foot for the sewing machine).
Now, unbutton the cuff buttons, and the front buttons, and hand sew the studded buttons.

And, wallllaaaa, you got an amazing coloured and studded jacket!!!

Enjoy!   :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's

Karl Lagerfeld Capsule collection for Macy's will hit the stores on September 6th.
Prices starting at 50$!!!
Here's a preview of the collection:

Someone please buy the white tank top with Karl on it for me!!